For sale is an amazing and odd vintage instrument from Rickenbacher. this model, the Electro Model B Spanish, is the guitar equivalent to the more famous model B lap steel of the same era. This guitar, made of Bakelite (an early composite plastic material) made the most history for Rickenbacher and put them on the world stage. Though not entirely solid (it has thick Bakelite walls and a detachable Spanish neck), it achieved the desired result of virtual elimination of the acoustic feedback that plagued big-box electrics of the day. It set the stage for all solid body guitars to follow. We date this around ’38-39 as the horseshoe pickups has the stamp “PAT NO.” on the tabs, which wasn’t introduced until August of 1937. This instrument is not entirely original, but has had some very functional modifications done to it. The tuners were replaced with Gibson Deluxe tuners and the first eight Bakelite frets were replaced with metal ones, which makes this instrument infinitely easier to play. tonally it is very big and clean sounding as these pickups are more designed for a lap steel guitar. It has that large, crystalline sound you would expect of a lap steel and is incredibly robust and present. The action is pretty high, which makes this an excellent slide guitar. Cosmetically in good condition, with some dings and scratches, a few cracks in the Bakelite and a good sized ding on the neck at the third fret. This is not only an incredibly rare guitar from an era when electrified instruments were very new to the world, it is also a fantastic playing and sounding instrument that serves as a great functional piece of history.